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English is STILL a Requirement!

The other day I was speaking with a Hispanic man who received his U.S. citizenship as a child-during the Reagan Amnesty.

He mentioned his wife was going through the legalization process, taking English classes and preparing for the test. “Hold on…I thought the  system was broken,” I said.  “It’s not the system…it’s English…that’s the problem,” he explained.

I was surprised to hear there  was not a desire for many illegals to learn English.  It made me mad actually…it was like a slap in the face.

What’s happened in America?  Why have we diluted the value of English?  Sure, we’ve always been the melting pot, accepting the dreamers of the world…but, we’ve maintained unity through the use of one language…English.  Today, it’s politically incorrect to insist on learning English.  The “bleeding-hearts” feel much better printing everything (government documents included) in both English and Spanish…it’s more “P.C.”  We don’t want to “inconvenience” those struggling with English…do we?

I think it should be inconvenient.  It should be a challenge to become an American.  After all, millions of Americans died for our freedom…should we give citizenship to someone who doesn’t even want to learn OUR language?

It should be an honor to become an American.

In our attempt to appease Hispanics, we have created our own nightmare.

Why would anyone living in our country illegally need to learn English?  We’ve catered to “undocumented immigrants”  for so long, they’ve come to expect the royal treatment.  And now, there’s a general attitude that it’s just too much trouble to learn English.  It takes too much time, money, and commitment.  Besides, like I was saying, everything’s “mandated” to be written in English and Spanish.

If an illegal goes to the Hospital, a translator will be provided.  If they purchase a home, auto or finance anything, their contracts can be printed in Spanish for their convenience.

This is the “slippery slope” I’ve referred to in past blogs.  Some Hispanics go around beating the Spanish drum…being inclusive of the non-English speaking demographic in this country.  Every time they they pound that drum, they take us in the wrong direction…away from English.

English as a Second Language (ESL), is where we should be spending our time…encouraging people to learn English, take pride in America and become productive citizens.  A few weeks ago in Austin, at the Capitol, I witnessed an Austin based ESL school “lobbying” for funding.  There were 30-40 Hispanics…mostly young women.  They followed their teachers through the halls, from one representative to another.

Being in Austin, I could only assume the ESL school was operated by Liberals, but could you imagine how those people would vote once they became citizens?  Providing guidance and support for ESL education should be one of our top priorities…it is the foundation for a healthy immigration process.

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