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It was a nice sunny morning in Texas. Blue skies…70 degrees….nice until I turned up the radio and started listening to the weekend Glen Beck program.

He was talking about the end of America. Suggested we grab hold of those we love, grab our guns and group up in families…I guess until the end comes.

He was talking about the SEIU and their plans to take down the financial system again by convincing home owners to default on their loans…pressuring banks to beg for another bail-out….which of course would throw the U.S. in deeper water than it’s already in .

I had to turn it off. It’s too “end of days” for me.

Besides, I don’t plan on sitting around waiting for something to happen. I choose to do something about it. After all, these representatives in Washington didn’t get there by themselves…they were voted in by people like you and me. So, before you throw in the towel and call it quits, think about this…

It’s our fault.

Yours and mine.

Of course, there were some who have been in the trenches, slugging it out year after year, and to those Americans, we are grateful.

But most of us sat on the sofa, watched our sports games or wasted 3-4 hours a night watching reality TV. While America was wondering who the next Idol would be, our enemies within worked. It’s like the story of the ant and the grasshopper. Americans are the grasshopper and the “Left” is the ant. While we thought everything was under control, the ants kept working.

While we coasted through, enjoying our vacations, eating out every night of the week, you know…just doing what we love and enjoying the life of an American, the ants worked, plotting against us. Now, we feel the chill in the air. Soon, it’ll start snowing, and while the ants are deep in their mounds, the grasshoppers will scurry around looking for scraps…

Is that how you want to go down?

Not me!

Fortunately, you can do something about it…it’s not too late.

Despite what the media may try to convince you of, the only thing that really matters is that you must take action. We have to do more than talk about our problems. Like our forefathers who stormed the beaches of Normandy, Utah, Iwo Jima, and every other battle in our glorious history, when the time comes, we may just have to charge!

There are a handful of groups organizing to make a difference within the Hispanic community. With issues like Immigration Reform, Border Security, Education, Teen Pregnancy and Jobs, it’s going to take an army to change the course we’re on. Join a group. Make contact with the founders and directors, and lead that charge…

Don’t be a grasshopper!

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