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Rebecca Cervera on the Front Lines in Texas

Whether she likes it or not, Rebecca Cervera is on the front lines in the “Battle for the Border,” where we (U.S) figure out how to stop illegal immigration and secure our borders.

South Texas has been dominated by Democrats, in fact CD-15, Cervera’s district has NEVER experienced a Republican representative.

Currently, (D-TX) Ruben Hinojosa represents CD-15, one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

Hinojosa’s personal bankruptcy in Dec. 2010 shows he’s in over his head, leading one to assume, “If he can’t manage his own business, how can he manage his district?”

The last thing anyone needs in a time of crisis is someone who can’t function effectively under pressure.  Already, Hinojosa’s facing major issues regarding Hispanics, and in just nine years, Hispanics will become the majority in Texas.

Can you imagine compounding the problems in the Hispanic community over then next nine years, without doing something to address them?  It would be total chaos.

The community currently faces skyrocketing H.S. Drop-out rates, teen-pregnancy rates and the lowest percentage attending college or technical school.

Gang violence and crime are out of control in many Texas cities…in fact, just south of the border last night in Juarez , a Phoenix professor was kidnapped.

It will take someone who has lived in the streets to know how to turn them around.  Rebecca  seems like the kind of person who would fight for what she believes in…like she’s had to her entire life.

She should look at Hinojosa’s weak performance and provide some solutions for the people of CD-15.

Recently, an Immigration Reform bill was submitted in Texas by South Texas Republican, Aaron Pena. If Rebecca took the message of positive immigration reform to the people, it would stop the usual liberal assault before it happens.  That, coupled with a strong message to produce our own energy, reduce gas prices and create high paying jobs, might be a platform to win.

Of course I’m from Texas…I may be biased…

In a blog on, Rebecca Cervera commented on a comment where her true identity was being questioned.  She responded, “I am a red blooded, born in the U.S., AMERICAN,” and “If it were not for the grace of God and this great country, I would have been dead, a prostitute, or a welfare mom by age 18.”

Sounds like someone who isn’t affraid to jump right in…

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