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Texas Immigration Reform Bill Introduced

Aaron Peña, ex-South Texas Democrat turned Republican has introduced HB2757, an immigration reform bill.   I’m not sure what to think of it…it’s being presented as a “pilot” program, involving a commission of 26 individuals ranging from elected officials to immigration activists and experts.

The proposed bill is an attempt to move Texas in the right direction, but is very basic in its description.  It does create an Advisory Commission, which will study the issues.  Here’s a run-down of some of the commission’s duties:

Sec. 329.203.  ADVISORY COMMITTEE DUTIES.  The advisory committee shall:

(1)  study the process and results of the pilot project;

(2)  study the impact of existing federal law on the ability to meet the needs of Texas businesses and Mexican migrant workers;

(3)  study the current United States nonimmigrant visa application process from both the employer and employee perspective to understand:

(A)  the strengths and weaknesses of the existing law; and

(B)  the United States nonimmigrant visa process and the implications to regional employment and security;

(4)  document the state and regional economic impact and security implications of existing law and processes;

(5)  educate the populations of Texas and a Mexican state on issues to create alignment around a shared vision; and

(6)  present the committee’s findings annually to the commission in a detailed report that includes recommendations to the commission on how to best address the challenges of immigration, employment, and security.

Lots of “studying”…I was hoping Texas was further along…this could take a while.

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