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Immigration reform coming to Texas?

It’s been a few weeks since our visit with  Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst.  Since then, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about some of his statements on immigration and border security.  It also brings to mind a conversation I had with Texas Senator, Brian Birdwell (SD-22) about the same issues along the border and solutions that could work in Texas.

Based on those discussions, it seems like we Republicans have good ideas for addressing these issues…ideas all Hispanics would no doubt find attractive.

I know we need to proceed with caution…the “left” is going to say we’re all “racists” and want to deport all illegals, but if our solution is fair and provides options for those here illegally to become “legal” (not a resident,) both sides should be OK with that…?

Here are the top statements I hear:

American’s perspective :

We don’t want another amnesty.

Illegals are draining Taxpayer dollars – They don’t “contribute” to the pot.

Loyalty factor.

Illegal’s perspective :

Starve in Mexico or  Survive in America.

I would “contribute” if I could.

System is too complicated…don’t know where to start.

My observations

Americans don’t want amnesty granted to people not loyal to America, but might consider something along the lines of a temporary 2-3 year visa or work permit.  As long as it provided conditions for renewal…like not having been convicted of a crime and paying taxes.  An illegal with a visa or worker’s permit can contribute to the society he lives in and can take pride in his production.

Also, not all illegals want to become Americans…they’re quite happy living and working here, sending money back to their families in Mexico.

But there are many others who appreciate the beauty of America.  They understand how amazing it is to live in a free society…where democracy exists and one voice can change the world.  They would die for this country.

Those are the illegals we need to get to.  They’re the ones stuck in some sort of legal issue…lost documents, etc…etc.  They’re the ones you see at school functions, cheering their kids on.

Maybe they don’t have enough to pay for an attorney?  Whatever the reason, most of them say, “I’ve been waiting for 10 years…20 years…for something to get done…held up for one reason or another.”  They’re what I call “Caught in the Trap.”

These “traps” need to be examined…that’s all.  If there’s a way to improve the process, we should look into it and do something about it.

Our Party is in great position to take the lead on immigration. Texas needs to address border security and immigration reform now…before it’s too late.

Back to the meeting with the Lt. Governor- No one asked him if anything was being done to pursue his vision for securing the border and addressing immigration.  I wonder if Legislators in Texas feel as he does?

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