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As most people were ending their day…heading home for a relaxing evening with the family, I was rushing over to meet Tony Abad at McLennan County Community College (MCC) in Waco.

We were there to talk about “Stepping Stones,” our education initiative, and to determine how it might impact our community.

Ronald Epps, Dean-Workforce Education  and Santos Martinez, V.P. Student Services were curious to hear what we were up to and invited us to their campus for a chat.

We talked about the problems that exist within our community and how education can be a life-line for those trying to escape the trap and break the cycle of poverty.

The problem with educating people is it’s not free, and with recent budget cuts and talk of mass reduction in state funding for education, students coming from low income homes will find it more difficult to secure the funds necessary to go to school.

But is that enough reason to throw in the towel?  Give up on education?

What Ronald Epps and Santos Martinez think about daily, is how to come up with alternatives to help aspiring students reach their goals.  They realize the community advances only when its residents earn more income.  How to get more people to earn more income without spending a fortune, is the key to making it all work.

We talked for a hours about working together to create solutions for the community…stay tuned…it’s getting good!

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  1. Rowland Jackson

    Tony, Duke, Janet,

    Kudos guys. You all are plowing new ground here for sure. Putting your actions ahead of a bunch of rhetoric. Keep it going, looks like the match will become a flame very soon.


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