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Rebecca Cervera Could Use This…

With all the talk about securing the border and Arizona cracking down on illegal immigration, it’s no wonder Democrats in entrenched, heavily Hispanic districts remain in control.

They’ve been able to turn the rhetoric against any Republican challenger, grouping them with so-called “racist” groups who want to deport Mexicans.

I was at a meeting earlier this week in Austin, with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. It was a Hispanic leadership meeting and private luncheon. Just a handful of us…

We got into a deep conversation about the border and how to secure it. For the record, we all agree the border needs to be secured, but how?

If Dewhurst has any pull, and I think he does, there will be no wall. There won’t be a fence either. According to Dewhurst, he would like to hire an additional 40,000 border patrol / law enforcement agents to monitor the border.

“What kind of impression would a wall make to those south of the border,” asked Dewhurst. He’s right…how would the U.S. look building a wall 1600 miles long? Can you say China? Or how about Germany?

What the Lt. Governor was saying is there is another way. “We aren’t Arizona…we don’t have to have an Arizona style law. We can have a Texas law for Texas issues,” he replied to George Rodriguez, newly elected President of the San Antonio Tea Party. George asked if Texas could adopt a law similar to Arizona’s.

There’s a lot of thought being applied to solving the immigration issue, and eliminating the “Wall” idea is like eliminating ammunition from the Democrats.

For years, the Republican Party has stocked their bunkers with all the ammunition they needed to win any battle along the border. All they’d have to do is tell the people Republicans want to deport them all…”round ’em all up” and ship them to Mexico.

It does raise the next question…what do you do with illegals still living in America?

Again, if Dewhurst has anything to do with the direction legislation may trend, his ideas would be very favorable to illegals and acceptable to the Hispanic community…creating a humane process to deal with undocumented residents living in the shadows.

The concern is to weed out the “bad people” from those who want to work and contribute to society. “We have to know who’s here,” explained Dewhurst.

His first step would be to get illegals to come out of the shadows and register for a temporary visa or worker permit.

Each illegal will become documented and accounted for, providing finger prints, telling where they were born and subjecting themselves to screening. The visas can be renewed every 2-3 years as long as they paid their taxes and haven’t been convicted of a crime. He was clear to state this is not citizenship and will not allow those with visa permits to vote in our elections.

Nowhere did he mention the deportation of millions of illegals. It’s not in his plans, so Democrats…you can stop using that to scare the Hispanic community.

As I looked around the table, everyone was nodding in agreement. I think if it were put to a vote, it would have passed in that room.

There it is…the ultimate destruction of the Democratic propaganda machine.

If Ruben Hinojosa can’t scare the Hispanic community into voting for him, he’s done. What else is he doing to change the direction of District 15? Nothing.

Rebecca Cervera could position herself on the side of solving the immigration process and helping thousands of families come out of the shadows…giving them opportunity, not just hope.

Wonder what Hispanics in CD-15 think of that?

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