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Dewhurst Visits With Hispanic Leaders: Talks Immigration, Border Security, Medicaid and Budget

Did you know Hezbollah has a camp in Northern Mexico?  I didn’t.  It seems logical, but I didn’t know they were actually setup, training, honing their skills just south of the border.

Can you imagine what a group of 10-20 Hezbollah trained, Islamic Extremists could do with a dirty bomb, or heaven forbid, nuclear?

It’s enough to keep you up at night, thinking about the safety of 25 Million Texans.  That’s what Lt. Governor Dewhurst deals with on a daily basis…thinking of ways to keep Texans safe and secure so families and business can thrive.

I was invited, as the founder of GOPisForMe, to share my thoughts about Hispanic issues…to have a dialogue with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. There were others invited, each with a different slant on addressing issues within the Hispanic community.

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst began describing the situation Texas is facing regarding the budget.  “We will live within our means,” he stated, making it clear that budget cuts are coming.  Nothing is off the table when it comes to who or what gets cut.

Regarding what to cut, Dewhurst said, “You have to scrub out every agency, program by program, and determine who you really need.”

Texas doesn’t have a state tax.  Our funds come from taxpayers and taxes collected through the sale of goods and services.  When sales are up, revenue is up.  When business is bad, well, you have to adjust to it.  You have to make cuts.

Texas is a little short this year.  Some in the room were concerned the state would dip into the Rainy Day fund it had secured through fiscal decisions of the past four years.  “We don’t want it touched,” exclaimed George Rodriguez, President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

Knowing he wanted to have every option on the table to balance the budget, Dewhurst assured if it were used, it would be replenished the following year, reiterating that at minimum the state will leave a “healthy amount” in the rainy day fund.

With that settled, we moved on to health care.

Remember how Democrats went across the country saying Republicans wanted to take  medicaid away from the elderly?  They used fear tactics to scare people, which they learned from the king of fear, President Obama.

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst clarified, “We’re not opting out of medicaid…we’re trying to change and improve it.”  He continued to say that people who need help, who can’t take care of themselves, like the elderly and frail, disabled, and children who have been abandoned by their parents need support from the state.  He obviously wants to provide assistance to those who truly need it, not deny them, like some Democrats would have you believe.

That conversation led to one about the Health Care system in general.

According to an independent study, out of 31 developed countries in the world, the U.S. is the only country that pays their hospitals and doctors based on the number of procedures they perform.

Although the Lt. Governor mentioned the U.S. has the best medical system in the world, he also stated that only 55% of American doctors follow “best practices,” in other words, 45% of American doctors don’t.

So what does this mean?  Maybe the “system” itself has something to do with why 95,000 people die unnecessarily each year in hospitals?  Maybe running people through hospitals like cattle isn’t the best way to “treat” Americans.

He’s pushing for a complete change in health care.  From the way doctors are paid to the results of patients, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst is thinking of ways to improve our health care system without increasing taxes to do it.  “We don’t have health care in America, we have sick care,” he emphasized.

It is a monumental task and a bold position to shift an entire industry’s business model, but if he succeeds, a plan like his can reduce the costs associated with health care by 20-40%.  Just imagine what we could do with that money…can you say… pay off our debts?

I’m sure it seems like I’m singing Dewhurst praises, but you haven’t heard the best part…

The topic switched to immigration and border security.

“I don’t think walls or fences are the solution to securing our border,” stated Dewhurst.  He said, “We need more people on the border.”

He asked, “How would we look as a nation, to those on the other side of our borders looking in, what impression would we give?”

His solution?  “We need to triple the number of law enforcement officers along our border,” he exclaimed, adding that the cost of employing an additional 40,000 officers would be a drop in the bucket compared to the taxpayer’s burden of supporting the overwhelming costs associated with an unsecured border.

Once you secure the border, which we all agree on, the next question is and has always been, “What will we do with the illegals still living in America?”

The concern is to weed out the “bad people” from those who want to work and contribute to society.  “We have to know who’s here,” explained Dewhurst.

His first step would be to get illegals to come out of the shadows and register for a temporary visa or worker permit.

Each illegal will become documented and accounted for, providing finger prints, telling where they were born and subjecting themselves to screening.  The visas can be renewed every 2-3 years as long as they paid their taxes and haven’t been convicted of a crime.  He was clear to state this is not citizenship and will not allow those with visa permits to vote in our elections.

Nowhere did he mention the deportation of millions of illegals.  It’s not in his plans, so Democrats…you can stop using that to scare the Hispanic community.

As I looked around the table, everyone was nodding in agreement.  I think if it were put to a vote, it would have passed in that room.

Finally, he touched on the reality of terrorist groups like Hezbollah, now operating in Northern Mexico.  He talked about drug cartels, human trafficking and violent gangs spreading North into Texas cities, creating problems, bringing crime into our neighborhoods.

He painted the real picture of what’s going on in Texas, and the serious nature of the issues we’re facing.

As we said our goodbyes, I handed him a GOPisForMe tri-fold and asked him to check us out when he had time…It was a pleasure visiting with him…made my 25$ parking ticket worth it!

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  2. Gehrig Saldana

    Hi Duke, I am really impressed with and your leadership in this organization. As we move towards next year’s primary I consider it invaluable to our conservative voters to obtain from our candidates as much of their crystal clear specific campaign policy positions on the issue of immigration reform. I am surprised and disappointed mainstream media has yet to move past challenging candidates to go beyond their standard and worn-out “First, we need to protect our border” canned candidate spiel and request upon these candidates to give their policy position they would take on what they would propose to do with the 15,000,000+ illegal immigrants who currently live in America. Frankly, I can’t believe the media hasn’t as of yet, picked up on this. I sincerely thank you for addressing this issue on behalf of our conservative voter base. Good to see where Dewhurst is headed, wonder where Ted Cruz and our other senate candidates stand on this?

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