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We Hispanics have been silent regarding the issues facing our Hispanic community…at least on the Conservative side.   There hasn’t been proper representation for  decades, but now, with the future of Hispanics on the line, it’s time to organize and pull together to address the concerns of the people.

We have to turn this big ship around and get our community back on course.

The truth is, Hispanics are falling through the cracks more now than ever.

Something needs to be done to address the issues…Immigration, Border Security, Public Schools, Jobs, and let’s not forget the Economy.

I’ve been invited, along with fellow Republican Hispanic leaders and activists, to discuss the issues with our Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst over lunch this Thursday.

After, we will meet with our Speaker.

Special Thank You to Bill and Jane Burch for arranging the visit with our Lt. Governor…and the Speaker.

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