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Draft Tony Abad for Waco School Board!

When you take the time to dig into the public school system, you begin to discover just how things work and who sets the pace in the district.  You might think it’s the Principle…after all he’s the one closest to the students.  Or maybe the Superintendent…they’re the ones making the “big bucks.”

But if you’ve ever needed to get something done in the Waco public school system, and you couldn’t get the help you needed from the school’s staff…you ultimately brought the issue forward to the School Board.

Comprised of only eight individuals, the Waco School Board dictates the pace of the school system.

If our kids aren’t up to proper standards, it’s the school board who’s accountable for the results.  Their management of the district has a direct impact on the quality education your children receive.

Who we elect to those positions matters.  The values and experience each board member brings to the table reflects directly on the board’s ability to successfully manage the district.

According to the State Comptroller’s new website, Waco I.S.D. rates only 1.5 stars out of 5 stars. This takes into account factors such as spending, staff, test scores, passing ratings, and demographics.

Only 62% of students are passing the TAKS test, which in itself  is a questionable performance standard.  I’ve heard educators talk about how the TAKS test is just “dumbing down” our students…bringing everyone to the same level.

Obviously, our Waco I.S.D. is not up to par.

But where does the change start?  Who will be held responsible for turning our district around?

Soon, we get the opportunity to vote for a new Waco School Board member, but who?  Will Waco do what it usually does and place someone who carries a “Waco” name?

Or, will Waco citizens make a stand, demanding more from their School Board?

If so, then who?

We believe Tony Abad, local Waco resident and education activist, would be a prime candidate to lead as a member of the Waco School Board.  Tony has two kids who graduated from Waco High and has a long resume of participation in the local school system.

He’s been PTA President, treasurer of Waco High Lion band,  served as member of three Campus Decision Making Committees (CDMC’s), member of the 2008 Bond election campaign, Superintendent search committee, Quality District Advisory Council (QDAC), and Health Advisory Board.

He also served on the Parents for Public Schools (PPS) Waco Chapter board for 5 years, one year as President.  Tony served in Sanger Heights NA board for 3 years, one year as President. If you want someone who will fight for a better education for your children, that person is Tony Abad.  He is a man of conviction and is someone who has “walked the walk.”

Visit Tony’s Website

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