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Dyed-in-the-Wool Left Winger and Teen Pregnancy

I was reading a blog from a well known Music Industry writer.  He’s legendary and knows everyone.  He’s also a self proclaimed “dyed-in-the-wool  left winger.”

Usually, he writes lengthy pieces about how the record industry has changed, or how a certain classic band is so much better than any band today…or something along those lines.  Lots of concert stories…

But this entry was short.

Here’s his blog post :

“Read this article.  It will leave you with more questions than answers.
In our rush to the top, we leave so many behind.  But how do we lift them up?
I’m a dyed-in-the-wool left winger, but when this writer talks about how social programs enable teen pregnancy, I wince.  Then again, should the babies be victims? -Bob Lefsetz

I’m sure he read it thinking it must be some sort of right-winger article.  He was obviously impacted by the words of a Wisconsin teacher…telling it like it is regarding teen pregnancy.

Take a few moments to read the article…then think about it.  He can’t bring himself to accept the facts as they are.  He even goes so far as to ask the question…”should the babies be victims?”

The babies are statistics…in our own Hispanic community…statistics.

One of our major focuses is on teen pregnancy.  We can’t accept things as they are…it’s getting out of control.

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