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Hispanic Republicans “Walking the Walk”

So, last night, I met with Tony Abad and Bryant Hale, two incredibly talented and motivated individuals in the quest to advance our Hispanic community.

We met at Fairfield Inn, on HWY 84 and Hwy 6 in Waco.  (I’ll take a quick moment to thank the owners of the Marriott /F airfield Inn for having such hospitable employees and a perfect, relaxed environment for a few guys to meet and discuss the issues.)

Tony’s a great man.  Patient.  Honest.  Sincere.  He’s got a wonderful family and career.   He’s not sitting on the sidelines…watching from a distance.  He’s fed up.  He’s doing something about our Hispanic community…he’s a board member of and is riding shotgun…he’s one of us…

The meeting last night, however, was a necessary step towards building our team…it was time to add the individual strength and character of someone like Bryant Hale.  The first time I met Bryant was at our monthly meeting in Waco.  He found us online and decided to see what we were all about.

When I met him, I knew he would become an integral component to the success of the movement.  He’s just a really talented, humble guy…the kind of guy who won’t lie to you and will have your “back” because he knows you’ve got his.

He’s also got a talent for developing phone training programs and management tools for people to use for their specific outbound phone programs.  We just happen to be in the development of our Stepping Stones project, which requires setting appointments, so he’s actually a perfect match.

We visited for almost three hours and talked about creating a program that anyone could do.

We asked, “If John Hernandez is sitting in Corpus Christi and is sick of watching his community go down the tubes, what can he do about it?   How can he get involved?”  Simple, he can launch a Stepping Stones project of his own, a turn-key system with the training, the tools and the support to succeed.

Our project is a simple yet effective program easy enough for anyone to do.

It was a very productive night.  We walked away…each knowing we were on the right track.

That’s what this movement is all about. Connecting the dots. It’s real. It’s not glamorous.

We’re interested in developing a network of people who are willing to “walk the walk…” not just talk the talk.  It takes all types.  All of us doing our part…adding to the collective movement.

Our focus is on the ground game…the home meetings.  The kids.  We have to stop the cycle of poverty and government dependency.  If not us, who?

If you find yourself wondering what to do…or where to start…just take a look at what we’re doing with the Stepping Stones project.  One family at a time…home by home…we will have tangible results.

If you want to walk the walk, contact us today.

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  1. Terry

    Glad to hear you made progress.
    Please bullet your discussion findings as how to “walk the walk”. How do you plan on organizing your home meetings? What else do you have up your sleeve? I am anxious and excited to hear about your steps towards Hispanic awakening.

    • Hello Terry…

      The “home meeting” is the ultimate goal of the Stepping Stones project. In order for us to get there…into the community, we must have something of value to offer. We believe the value of education is enough to get things started.

      So, we’ve connected with our local colleges and Technical schools to find out how we can help get more Hispanics through their front doors.

      We learned that the toughest demographic for these colleges to penetrate is the Hispanic community. After a few one on ones and group meetings, it became clear that being an activist for the Republican Party is what makes us different. It allows us to utilize the resources of the Party…resources that are unavailable to other groups.

      Voter vault, for example.

      We can “drill down” ad isolate specific precincts in specific counties. We can sort by Hispanic surnames. We can see who’s a Republican and we can give them a call.

      Here’s where it all comes together, and the reason for our last meeting.

      It starts with training.

      We have to get good at making calls, setting appointments, hosting Home Meetings, and follow up.

      Sure, a great “salesman” can make calls and set appointments with his eyes closed, but not all of us are confident enough to pick up the phone and call a stranger.

      Many of us will need to see how it’s done. We need a script. We need to know how to respond and how to set the initial appointment.

      Our next meeting on Feb. 23rd is where we will have the “package” put together. It will be an outline of sorts…drawing out the bullet points on how to launch your own successful campaign.

      Can you imagine?

      Another thing…we will be putting training videos together…all easily accessible from this website. It will be a priority for us to help other groups or individuals get started in their region.

      Let’s talk soon…

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