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Hispanics, Catholics and Life

One might assume that faith and one’s belief in God might play a role in how one casts their vote…especially as the Pro-Life movement builds momentum in Texas.  Particularly, in South Texas (Texas CD-15), whose population is majority Hispanic, one might also assume they would vote for a representative who shared their views on life.

Here are a few numbers to toss around…

If 88% of McAllen,TX is Hispanic, and the McAllen MSA region has 503,000 people, then 442,640 people are Hispanic.

According to an article in the New York Times, a survey conducted by the Pew Hispanic Institute in 2007, shows that 68% of Hispanics are Catholic.

So, doing some basic math, McAllen,TX, the heart of District 15, has over 300,000 Hispanic Catholics.  If only 50% of them are old enough to vote, then 150,000 people should, according to their faith, vote for life.

The problem is, in (D-TX) Ruben Hinojosa’s district, only 96,080 voters showed up on election day.

I’ve met Pro-life advocates across the state, they’re the most passionate activists in the world…they volunteer more, work harder and are willing to do whatever it takes to reduce the number of abortions taking place daily in South Texas.

With Pro-Life activists alone, it’s clearly possible to draw enough votes for a Conservative Republican to defeat the entrenched Hinojosa.  The numbers show it.

The question is, will Hispanics hold true to their convictions and faith and cast their vote for life?  Or will they succumb to the “dangling carrot” and promise of amnesty or government assistance?

Only God knows…but with a united effort, electing Rebecca Cervera can be a piece of cake.

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