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Draft Rebecca Cervera for Texas!

In Texas, life along the Southern border is spinning out of control. With a massive Hispanic population explosion, Texas’ landscape is changing so rapidly that in just nine years, Hispanics will become the majority.

For decades, Democrats have “owned” South Texas, manipulating their constituents and creating a mindset of dependency on the government. (D-TX) Ruben Hinojosa has represented District 15 since 1996 and is in many ways the root of the problem. His lack of leadership and inability to develop solutions for his region, has resulted in his district becoming one of the poorest in the nation.

This district was home to the “Duke of Duval County,” who held South Texas under his political grip, intimidating business owners and anyone who opposed the Democratic Party. Past challengers have faced the strong arm of the Democratic machine, who circle their wagons around their candidates, stopping at nothing to maintain control of the people.

In the past, the Republican Party has only moderately supported their candidates in this hard to win region, making it nearly impossible to raise money and run an effective campaign. We believe District 15 can change hands, allowing Republicans to lead it out of the “dark ages” and into the future.

With Hinojosa’s recent issues with his personal finances, including filing bankruptcy in December of 2010 and questionable accounting practices, it’s clearly time for new leadership.

The Dogcatchers draft Rebecca Cervera as the person to lead that charge.

As a child, Rebecca grew up as a transient…surviving day by day…meal by meal. The personal fortitude developed during those trying times gives her strength to lead others out of that lifestyle and out of poverty.

A business owner and native of McAllen, the heart of Hidalgo County, she has overcome obstacles her entire life…never giving up or giving in. Her experience in business and commerce, combined with a strong conviction to conservative principles, including fiscal responsibility and border security make her a prime choice in 2012.

To face the Democrats in South Texas requires courage and an unwavering dedication to doing what’s right for the people. Rebecca has those qualities…all she needs now is the full support of the GOP.

Side note: A major difference in 2012 compared to previous elections should be the recently approved Voter I.D. bill, which has already passed in the Texas Senate. This measure will make it a requirement to show a valid, government issued photo I.D. to vote, reducing fraud and making it difficult for unregistered voters to skew the vote.

We’re confident this will be a great race and a golden opportunity to make history by becoming the first Republican to ever represent the people of District 15.

Stay tuned…

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