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Gillibrand Out of Touch with Conservative Hispanics

In New York, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has done a complete 180 on her positions regarding immigration and sanctuary cities.

At one time, she supported firm immigration policies and did not encourage the safe harboring of illegals.

But, after meeting with “Hispanic Leaders”in 2009, she learned her positions were not favorable to some of her constituents-so she did what any politician without conviction does-she switched them.

With a history of little involvement with Hispanics and their issues, she trusted a handful of Hispanic liberal activists to help her navigate the dangerous waters of the Hispanic community.

What did they bring to the table? The usual…

They did what liberal Hispanics all across the country do-complain, and demand. They complain life’s not fair. They demand more services for their people because life’s not fair, and if you don’t go along with their game, then you must want Hispanics to suffer-right?

It’s not a game though.

Although New York is only 17% Hispanic, according to Pew Hispanic Institute, 30% of those residents are living in poverty…(that’s more than 3 times the ratio of Whites) with an average income of just above 23K/ yr.

Gillibrand talked about jobs being the number one issue of her constituents, yet it is clear, when it comes to Hispanics, the issue is Immigration. Sure we all need good paying jobs, but to say that they will come as a result of the recently ruled unconstitutional Obama Health care plan is a farce.

According to her, it was more than a health care bill, it was a jobs bill. It was going to be a solution to employment issues. What about now? How will those Hispanics find jobs now?

The truth is, they won’t find jobs-there never were jobs in the first place. Pie in the sky does not equate to real jobs-and soon, Hispanics will realize they’ve been “duped” again. But, they shouldn’t worry about anything-their liberal Hispanic representatives will take care of everything.


You see, we’ve been “dealing” with these types in Texas for decades…watching them destroy our neighborhoods and poison the minds of the people by creating a dependency on the government.

Now, as Hispanic populations explode, the crisis in our communities is increasing exponentially. Neighborhoods that once thrived are now filled with gangs. High School drop-out rates are through the roof and our young Latinas are getting pregnant more frequently than any other race.

These are real issues New York has to look forward to if it continues to appease Hispanics as Gillibrand is doing. She’s pandering…making promises that can’t be kept. Or shouldn’t be.

To reverse her positions on tough issues just proves she can’t stand the heat in the kitchen. The problem is…in New York, it’s just luke warm now. Wait till 50% of the population is Hispanic. Then what?

It’s time for a change in thinking. It’s time for a Conservative approach. Someone like Amity Shlaes can put New York on the right path!

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  1. Larry Loveless

    Very well written. In North Texas I think that the Hispanic population is doing well, doesn’t need to complain put get active in pushing their core values.

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