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Bosque Republican Bash

Last year, Bosque County Republicans took a leap of faith and trusted their local membership to help raise enough to fund the operation of a permanent headquarters.

They had no problems…the people came through.

But, now that the election’s over, the question is, would local Republicans answer the call in an “off” year?

If you were in Clifton last night, you would know the answer.

Bosque County Republicans showed up in force to support their local Party, raising enough in one night to fully fund the headquarters for the entire year.

It was a Reagan Celebration, with live music, great food and incredible company.  150+ attended, including Congressman, Bill Flores, Senator Brian Birdwell, National Committeewoman, Borah Van Dormolen and Railroad Commissioner/Senate Candidate Elizabeth Ames Jones.

I had an incredible conversation with Senator Birdwell about border security, illegal immigration and education.  His views and perspective gave insight to what may lie in the near future in Texas.

Also spoke for a short time with Congressman Flores as we stood in the serving line.  I asked him about the budget.  He looked at me and with a serious tone responded, “It’s worse than you can imagine…real bad shape.”

These men are our representatives.

They’re the reason we do what we do as a Party.  When they go to Austin or Washington, we expect them to take care of business, keeping their constituents (us) in mind as they vote on legislation.

We did good in electing these men.

In Bosque County, the Party is strong.  It is run efficiently and is an example of what can be done when a few people decide to do something to make a difference.

To all those who worked late nights (Janet, Fran, and co.), contributing time and money to the Party…thank you.  You are amazing.

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  1. Rowland Jackson

    Duke, I have lived in Bosque County for nine years this summer and have been involved in the Bosque County Republican club for 7 and a half of those years. We have not had a function with this kind of turnout, dignataries and amount raised since I have been here. It was a great night for the party.

    Thanks all who participated and donated your time and funds.

    Rowland Jackson

  2. Yes it was a great night…

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