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The Dogcatcher Project hits Texas

The Dogcatcher Project made it’s official internet debut yesterday morning with a post by its Founder, Adam Brickley.

Brickley, who launched the massively successful Draft Sarah Palin for V.P. Blog in 2007, is back with his hand-picked team of bloggers and political activists, ready to cage the “stray” dogs of the Democrat Party.

We call them “strays” because they think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want…like a stray dog.  These “dogs” have become entrenched in their local neighborhoods, creating problems for the community and making it difficult for the people to live without fear of being “bitten.”

Some of these “strays” are so dangerous and unpredictable, the local pound has stopped all attempts to catch them…allowing them to run wild in the streets.

In Texas, the ultimate “stray” lives along the Southern border and has dominated the 15th District of Texas.  Representative Ruben Hinojosa has been pulling the wool over the eyes of his constituents since 1996.  In a district where there has never been a Republican representative, the situation is becoming critical.

The people are facing a population explosion, which, by 2020, will result in Hispanics becoming the majority in Texas.  With more Hispanics dropping out of high-school than ever, and teenage Latina’s becoming pregnant more than any other ethnic group, something drastic has to happen.

At the current rate, without a major shift in leadership, the border regions of Texas could become our newest third world country.  Gang violence, drug cartels, massive influx of undocumented immigrants, language barriers and lack of proper education all add up to a major crisis.

According to the New York Times, 79% of Congressional District 15 is Hispanic, which might have you thinking it’s a conservative district.  After all, we hear all the time…”Hispanics are Conservative.”  We believe in God.  We believe in family.

But most Hispanics in Texas vote for Democrats…they vote for Liberals who go to Washington and vote like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  They’ve been promised amnesty.  They’ve been promised jobs.  They’ve been promised FREE health care.

And what have the Democrats delivered?

Nada. (that’s “nothing” for non Spanish reading persons)

Hispanics in Hinojosa’s district are being misled, guided down a long, miserable path with no end in sight.

The Representative of one of the poorest districts in the Nation, with the largest Hispanic population in the state, Hinojosa has had fifteen years to improve his district.  If there was ever a time when the people in U.S. Congressional District 15 needed real change, it’s now…

The Dogcatchers are gearing up to tackle races across the Nation.  We’re drafting candidates who may surprise you…they may not even be thinking about running at this stage in the game…but with the right publicity…anything is possible.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Rowland Jackson

    Duke, just read your post on the Dogcatcher project. I think this is the kind of exposure Mr. Hinojosa is not going to appreciate. He has had a “free” ride for too long. Time for the spot light of the Dogcatcher, GOPisForMe and you to take him on. I am behind you on this and will happily help where I can be useful.

    A lot of exiting news this week with Judge Roger Vinson’s strike down of Obamacare. The lights are on them. The eyes of Texas and many more states are on them. We have got to expose them.

    Good work Duke, we’re proud of you and what you do.

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