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Hispanics Standing Strong with the Republican Party of Texas

Today in Austin, the Republican Party of Texas responded to the Texas Democratic Party’s attack on the new Hispanic Republican Conference. Republicans were blamed by Hispanic Democrats for getting involved in the Hispanic community…as if Democrats have claim on all Hispanics.

In U.S. CD-17, we dealt with the same tactics from Tejano Democrats in Waco, who claimed to represent the Hispanic community, but in reality, had been misleading them for decades… until Bill Flores came around and ended their reign.

What makes them think they represent all Hispanics? Could it be the absence of the Party in minority precincts?

It could be.

We’ve been too caught up in life…going to our kid’s baseball games, mowing the yard and working that extra job to make ends meet.  But, we can’t avoid the truth.  We can’t just sweep our problems under the rug and hope they go away.

We have to get involved.

The condition of our Hispanic community is poor, and statistics show our youth are falling through the cracks.  We have the highest drop-out rates, highest teen-pregnancy rates and advanced education is just not a priority.

Rather than talk about real issues facing Hispanics, Democrats waste energy pointing fingers at Republicans for getting involved in their own communities and working to develop long term solutions.

If Hispanic Democrats are feeling the heat, they should.

Conservative, Republican Hispanics are uniting.  We’re web conferencing, meeting and networking every day…preparing for 2012.  We will not go running off the cliff…marching to a Liberal drum.

Democrats are already going on the offensive.

They think they can scare us into backing down by bringing up the race card, and yes, that’s what this is.   How can one Hispanic tell another Hispanic to stay out of their neighborhood?

What is this?

Gang Warfare?

Do we have to ask for the blessing of the local “Don?”

We must remember where many of the leaders in the Hispanic Democratic movement come from…Many of them cut their teeth protesting for Raza Unida…others took it a step further and joined the ranks of the Brown Berets.  They have a code of ethics, and power and respect are high on the list.

They are not above scaring their neighbors into thinking their benefits will be taken…or their medication will be cut.  They do this to maintain control…always painting Republicans as the bad guy.

For them to say they have it all under control is like the Captain of the Titanic saying, “the ship’s not sinking.” If you’re on a sinking ship, you climb in the life boat…you don’t complain about someone sending a life boat.

Many Hispanic Democrats would rather keep the Hispanic community suffering, than accept help from Republicans.  They would rather your children fail, than to acknowledge help coming from the Republican Party.

It’s getting old, and the people are tired of the empty promise.  They’re fed up and sick of being trapped in a perpetuating cycle of poverty.

They feel like Obama hood winked them.  He lied to their face and isn’t even sorry about it.  Hispanics see him now for who he is, and everywhere I go, Hispanics say they voted for Obama, but they won’t make that mistake again in 2012.

Democrats don’t want us on “their” turf.  We’re a kink in their plans because we bring hope.  We support the American Dream.  And most importantly, we know the real deal in the community.

So, if Democrats have a problem with Republicans hanging around their neighborhoods, too bad…they’ve had 30 years to drive the community into poverty.  It’s time for a new vision….a Republican vision.

Comments (3)

  1. Great blog.

    Check out the DMN article about booming Hispanic populations and the GOP political implications – and need for inclusion

  2. Rob Birch

    There is a sad melancholy truth do your post Duke. Hopefully, we will see more people breaking the cycles of poverty.

  3. Rowland Jackson

    Right on the mark Duke. I am very impressed with the thoughtful and direct route you are taking into this controversy. You are the only one I know with the brains, the camera, the technical know how, the right questions and the initiative to put your money and time where your mouth is. It has got to produce results. Be patient, it’s a big undertaking.

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