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You are reading this blog because you are somehow interested in the Hispanic community.  Maybe you did a Google search, or maybe you were referred to our website from a friend.  However you got here, you’re here.

You probably know something needs to be done about our Hispanic community, but what?   Maybe you’re just learning about the problems we’re facing?  Or, maybe you’re doing opposition research…either way, you’re more than likely concerned about Hispanics.

If you’re a Conservative, how serious are you about joining the effort?

Are you going to be a “game changer” in the battle to reclaim our community, or are you going to sit the bench and let others worry about it?  Surely you must be aware of the population explosion happening now in the Hispanic community.  Hispanics are having children at exponential rates compared to other ethnic groups and in just nine years, Hispanics will  become the majority in Texas.

As Republicans we can show the Hispanic community we care about their future…not just their vote?

A few Hot Topics regarding our community are immigration reform, border security, education and teen pregnancy.  As we have been saying, our community is in crisis.  Soon, we’ll reach the point of no return…when people become comfortable with government assistance.

That’s right…government assistance is becoming a way of life.  I’m not talking about grants for school…or Veteran’s benefits.   I’m talking about welfare checks and housing allowance.  Too many Hispanics are falling into the traps laid by 30 years of Democratic control of their communities, making them dependent on the government.

It is not acceptable.

Where is the Hispanic Representation?  Are they all Democrats?  Do the Ex Brown Beret’s…and Raza Unida re-treads speak for the entire community?  They certainly don’t speak for me!   Where are the Hispanic Republican Precinct Chairmen?

Some counties have leadership who support this important Hispanic initiative, yet others,  do not acknowledge the existence of  thriving Hispanic Republican clubs in their own county.  At a time when we must all unite, some counties continue to play games.

With so much to do, we cannot wait for unwilling participants.  This freight train is picking up momentum, and we’re doing the work necessary to turn this big ship around.  With the help of individuals across the district and state, our impact will be great, despite what others wish upon us.

We are proposing a simple approach to spreading the word of Conservatism, one family at a time.  Home by home.  Using our volunteer base, we will call Hispanic Republicans and  have a discussion on the issues facing the community.

Our Home Meeting committee is setting up appointments to talk to families about the value and financial rewards of receiving advanced Education.   Many of  the families will have students in high school, others may be in elementary school, but they all will know it’s possible to advance their education…if they so choose.  They need answers.

While we’re in the homes, we will talk in depth about the issues.  We will gain insight and promote the Republican Party as the Party of inclusion and the Party of financial freedom.  We can break the cycle of poverty by providing an environment for individuals to pursue their dreams.

Of course it’s not enough to have a plan…it must be implemented.

In response to this dilemma, GOPisForMe is diving into this problem head first.  If people want their children to advance, we want to help them connect the dots.  With our Stepping Stones Education Initiative, we can simplify the daunting task of registering for college or technical school and assist families with arranging financial aid to pay for it, changing the landscape of our community.

Your decision to join the fight and do something to change the outcome is an important one.  Our state needs Hispanic Leaders to rise and dedicate themselves to this effort.  Whether it’s with GOPisForMe or any other Republican or Conservative club focused on the Hispanic community, it’s time to quit talking about the problems we have and take action.

Immigration Reform

Border Security

High School Drop Out Rates

Teen Pregnancy

We’ve got to take our message to the people, and we’re doing it through Home Meetings.  If you would like to join the Home Meeting committee, please Sign-Up on our website.  Then, join the “Home Meeting” group.

Turn your “interest” into Action!  See you inside…

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