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Abel Reyna, McLennan County D.A. : Staffing Up

Before newly elected District Attorney, Abel Reyna could even take office, several staff members of the McLennan County District Attorney’s office resigned,  making what seemed to be a statement of solidarity with their previous boss.  They showed the people of McLennan county that they didn’t serve them, rather, they served their boss.

While many of us were recovering from a wild November, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, Reyna was interviewing attorneys and staffing up in preparation for his new term as D.A.

The District Attorney is an elected office, whose purpose is  to handle the business of trying cases against those who commit crimes.  Let’s face it, statistics show Waco is not a very safe place to live.  Murder, domestic violence, rape, gangs, drugs…you name it…it’s all just beneath the surface…if you just take the time to look.  The people of McLennan County deserve to be protected from these criminals, and that’s why they voted for Abel Reyna…

In a previous interview with GOPisForMe, Reyna mentioned there was a sort of disgruntled attitude within the law enforcement community, stating that some officers felt discouraged to make arrests…since the previous D.A. would rarely take action on their cases.  Reyna assured the citizens of McLennan county there would be a significant difference in his approach to trying these cases.  “I’m going to be involved in each case…I’ll be the one in the court room, doing what the people elected me to do,” said Reyna.  He definitely understands the tremendous responsibility of the office, and respects his service to the people.

We invited Abel back, for an update on things and a discussion about his plans… now that he’s in office, and settled in.

In order to be effective in fighting crime, criminals need to know they will be severely punished for their crimes if found guilty.  In the past, criminals would sit in jail for a few months, never go to trial and eventually be released without ever stepping foot in a court room.  With an environment like that, McLennan County has become almost a safe haven for criminals, which explains why Waco’s crime rates are higher than many larger cities Texas.

Some counties have successfully established themselves as being non-tolerant of crime.  Somehow the word gets out within the crime world to “Stay Away” from certain counties.

When talking about what we can expect from him as D.A., Reyna responded, “Williamson county is a good example of a county that has a reputation for being tough on crime…criminals driving up I-35 will avoid Williamson county at all cost…there’s definitely a deterrent factor there.”  Without going into the details, that statement seemed to give me an indication of how he would draw from relationships he has with neighboring counties in order to create a “deterrent factor” in McLennan County.

Recently, Reyna has hired several highly qualified attorneys adding depth and experience to the team.  Keep your eyes on these guys…they’re motivated to make a difference.

Listen to the interview below…Abel’s interview begins around the 15 minute mark.

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