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The Big Switch

In the past few weeks, we’ve heard from several news outlets about the switch some Democrat elected officials are making to the Republican Party.  It has always been interesting how a person who has dedicated themselves to a particular Party can make the switch.

Sure, we all want more Republicans, but at what cost?  Wasn’t everyone just talking about how Liberal some Republicans are, or how we need to get rid of the Rino’s?  What if Jim Dunnam made the switch.  Would we support him all of a sudden?  I don’t think so.

According to the AP, State Representative Allan Ritter says he will announce next week that he’s switching from the Democratic to the Republican Party.  Ritter said he has served the district for the past 12 years as a fiscally conservative Democrat, but that the district has changed to solidly Republican.

If this trend continues, will the Party become “watered down?”  Can a Zebra really change it’s stripes?

I seriously question the intent of someone who has been working against us for 12 years, suddenly having an epiphany and realizing their district is Republican.   If the Republicans in his District voted against him for 12 years, how can they vote for him now?

Time will tell…

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