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Stepping Stones, Creating a Path for our Children’s Future.

We all know the future lies in the hands of our youth.  How we prepare them for the challenges they will face is up to us….it’s our responsibility as community leaders and activists to help our children receive the quality education they deserve.  It is also our responsibility to ensure they are aware of the resources available to them.  As a community they are held to a higher standard.  One that includes an advanced education.

We will be unveiling a new initiative soon and look forward to building and contributing to the future of our children.

This is a presentation based on our first Sub-Committee meeting from Nov, 21st.   Special Thank You to Tony Abad for taking the time to clearly define our path and state our objectives, and to Sylvia Baack for her leadership and guidance.

Our process must be able to be duplicated, so every county with active Hispanic Republicans, can initiate an Education program in their region.  Please feel free to provide feedback and comment on this initiative.

Stepping Stones Workplan.r-b

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