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Hispanic Republicans Come Together

If anyone is wondering whether the battle for our Hispanic community has begun, know that it has.  It is definitely underway, and knowing who’s on our side is critical.  Hispanic Republicans are uniting and gaining strength in numbers, and in Congressional District 17, we”re organizing and building the network of “boots on the ground.”

Linda Edge, President of the Brazos County Hispanic Republicans, invited us to come and visit with their core group over dinner at Ninfa’s in Bryan.  After a little mingling and eating, we got down to business.  Linda called the meeting to order and introduced us as the guest speakers for the night.

Tony Abad, Board member of the HRCMC was with me as we talked about our next steps as a club and the future of

We talked about the things we were initiating in McLennan and shared some of our experiences with them…learning from each other.

The focus of this meeting was on being more effective…to find ways of working on common initiatives, relying on each other for support.  It was a raw, un-cut sort of  meeting.  We talked about home meetings, block walking, recruiting, education, teen-pregnancy, Life, Christianity and the obstacles lying in our way.

We talked about accountability to each other and the need to expect more from each other.

It was a great night of building the Party…

This big ship is turning… setting a new course.

We are thankful for all the Patriotic Hispanic Republicans in that room.  We were honored to be invited to share our thoughts, and humbled by the warm welcome.

You know…it’s great feeling knowing Brazos county is engaged in the Hispanic community.  Their efforts, combined with the collective efforts from other counties will lead to major shifts in thinking within the community, and when it shifts, we will be prepared to embrace our Conservative Hispanic base.

We had a great time, as usual in Brazos!

A special “Thank You!” to County Chairman, Paul Rieger.  His early participation and continued support is evidence of a man who is inclusive of all.

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