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San Marcos Chosen as Next Location for Hispanic Focus Group

Our next location is being scouted now, but it will definitely be in San Marcos,TX. (my home town)

Our first Focus Group included four topics.  This next Focus group will only consist of two.  Illegal Immigration and Education.

We all agree our children should benefit from a quality Education system…one that prepares them for higher education or at least gives them the skills they need to survive in today’s competitive global economy. Education is the key to turning this big ship around…

We also agree something needs to be done to secure our border.  Lots of ideas discussed at our last Focus group, but what do we do about all the undocumented immigrants living among us now?  What’s the plan for that?

Well, you have your opportunity to speak your mind.  We will be using modern personal interactive devices to capture each participant’s response.  We ask questions…the participants answer them.  Then we discuss the results and come up with something we can all agree on.  It’s all taking place in San Marcos.

Currently, we’re looking at Southside Community Center…which is actually located right down the road from my old neighborhood, and in the heart of the Hispanic community.  They seem interested…will talk more after Thanksgiving.

This event will be Live Streamed on

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