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Hispanic Republican Clubs Join Forces

Get familiar with the new Buzz Words…”Hispanic Inclusion.”  Within the Republican Party, starting with the newly elected State Chairman, Steve Munisteri, the task of reaching into the Hispanic community is underway.  The Party is making “inclusion” a priority and is moving it towards the top of the To Do list.

When the Wall Street Journal writes about the dire situation we face as a Republican Party regarding Hispanics, you know it’s a big topic, and coming up with solutions is critical to the survival of the Party.

Enter the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County (HRCMC), a newly formed organization active for just over a year.  This new club found itself in the midst of a 20 year battle to remove incumbent (D) Chet Edwards, who had dominated the predominantly Republican, McLennan county and District 17.

Four months after the HRCMC launched, Paul Reiger, County Chairman, Brazos County contacted Janet Jackson, who had been working with the HRCMC to build its solid foundation of support.  Reiger was working with a group of Hispanic Republicans who wanted to start something in Brazos county and was asking for insight based on the experience of developing the HRCMC.

Janet Jackson and Duke Machado drove to Bryan to meet the newly formed Board and talked to them about the structure of their organization.  That meeting became the foundation of a solid relationship between their newly formed group, Hispanic Republicans of Brazos County and the HRCMC.

Both clubs experienced life in the “trenches,” and were able to see their potential, but felt as though there was more they could do.  They  Block-Walked,  Phone-Banked, put out signs, protested and attended events…all for the advancement of the Republican Party through Hispanic inclusion. served as a communications portal, passing information and connecting people across the district.  With the resources available with Live Streaming, Internet Radio, Blogging and messaging, their members were able to work together to achieve their goals, and on Tuesday November 2, 2010, they tasted Victory.

Next Wednesday, the two groups will meet in Bryan to discuss plans on penetrating their communities.  “There is no glory in the next steps, only work,” said Machado.  “This meeting is about determining the path we will take on a unified front to organize the “boots on the ground” throughout our district,” he added.

Jackson and Machado have met with Hispanics in Navarro County, Bosque County and Ellis County…all interested in developing a Hispanic Republican Club.  The future of the GOP lies in the balance, and all those in the battle for the Hispanic Community are pioneers leading the charge.

If you are interested in developing a Club in your county, please contact us today.

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