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Republican Victory Party in Waco

The Republicans along with the Grass-roots showed up in Waco to celebrate the election of their new Congressman, Bill Flores.

The house was packed, people standing in the back of the room.  When Bill Flores approached the microphone, the room became quiet.  He started by letting us know he was here to thanks us, not vice-versa.  He listed by name several key supporters and organizations, including the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County and Brazos County.

He continued to thank the co-investors in his campaign, letting them know that as little as $10/mo was valued as much as the maximum.  He gave special thanks to Brian and Victoria Rochnowski, who were the creators of the grass-roots movement that became known as the “Vets Not for Chet” movement.

There were news crews and reporters in attendance, waiting to hear what Bill had to say to the team of people who helped get him elected.

It was a good night.

Now, on to tomorrow!

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