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The Hispanic Awakening

If you read Tiempo last week, you’re probably thinking Republicans want to destroy the Hispanic community and take your first born. Based on the propaganda spread by Tejano Democrat, Roberto Aguilar, I wouldn’t blame you.

But, if you take just a few minutes to check the facts, you will find that his “Letter to the Editor” contains at least 15 lies or distorions. It’s as if he thinks you’re stupid and will not verify the facts.

If someone lied to me I’d be ticked off. I could never trust that person again!

The truth is, Aguilar could care less if he’s telling the truth. In fact, I would guess he sat at his desk and thought of every lie and scare tactic in the book…then put it in a letter and sent it to his friend at Tiempo.

If I were to do a short excercise on how to scare people into submission, it would go something like this:

“Letter to the Editor”

Why you should NEVER vote for a Democrat…

– Democrats want your children to be poor their entire life and live off the government

– Democrats want to kill unborn babies

– Democrats don’t believe in God…if they did, why are they always trying to take God out of the Pledge?

– Democrats want to deport all Mexicans…even those who are here legally

– Democrats do not want Hispanics to be home owners

– Democrats want to take away your guns

– Democrats want to take away your right to vote

– Democrats want to force the elderly to speak to death panels

You get the picture…

Once I state these points and they get printed…the damage is done. Whether they are fact or fiction means nothing. The people would go into a frenzy talking about how evil the Democrats are and how they want to kill unborn babies.

Fortunately, we Republicans have morals, founded on God’s principles. To abuse our God given authority and intentionally mislead the people is not acceptable. But for many in the Democrat Party…it’s just a way of life…

How long have Hispanics been led down a dark road only to find out it’s a dead end?

People like Aguilar think they can lie to your face, while you sit there and take it…without even asking a question.

Well…are you?

Don’t you care about the future of your children? Do you care if they graduate High School and go to college? Or, maybe they just drop-out and get a low paying job…living off their parents and grandparents?

And who’s to blame?

Well, the Democrats have dominated the Hispanic community for over 30 years. What has it gotten us? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Working two jobs and still can’t pay your bills on time?

For three decades the Hispanic community has followed the path of the Liberal, Democrat agenda, which has taught us how to draw welfare checks, unemployment, and Lonestar Cards. It’s an efficient system of “how to milk the government for all you can get.”

Don’t misunderstand me…there’s nothing wrong with getting aide when you need it, but when young girls are taught how to make a living off of government hand-outs…we’ve got a problem. When young men would rather sit at home playing x-box and drawing unemployment than find a job…we’ve got a problem.

These so-called Hispanic activists have been using the people (you) to advance their ideology. In New Orleans, generations of people lived in government poverty. When Katrina hit, they were all displaced. It was as if they had come out of the shadows and into the light. There were housing projects as far as you could see…deep and filled with people who had lost hope.

When you lose hope…you lose everything, and that, my friends, is what they are trying to do. Keep you tied down and chained to the government.

You see, if you are content with a meager living…one where you are just getting by, you don’t have the time to dig into the issues. If everyone is busy trying to survive, who really cares how many drop-outs we have?

Is anyone paying attention to how many teen-pregnancies we have in our Hispanic community?

How can we expect 15 and 16 year old girls to support a child when their 15 yr old boyfriend is still hanging out with his friends without a job? What kind of future will those kids have? Hispanics are #1 in Teen-Pregnancy…why do you think that is?

It’s because of programs put in place by Liberal Democrats…programs like Planned Parenthood, which once you look at this organization, you see they are financially motivated to abort babies. They promote sex and promiscuous gay activity to our children at events like “Nobody’s Fool” and have taken over our public schools.

Yet, as these Liberal Hispanics march forward with their agenda, destroying the fabric of our community, they have the gaul to fill your minds with lies and deceipt. It is deception designed to keep your mind off the issues and loyal at the ballot box.

This is simple…on one side you have a Liberal Agenda…similar to what Obama, Pelosi and Reed want. On the other, you have Freedom loving patriots who are proud Christians. How many nights will you pray for God’s help and guidance…only to violate His word the next day by supporting Democrats who have no problems with 3rd trimester abortions?

What side are you on? Do you want to advance the Hispanic community? Would you like to focus on improving graduation rates? Getting our kids into college or Technical school? How about reducing Teen-Pregnancy? Or…let’s talk about resolving this Immigration issue! Secure our Borders….

When you focus on the issues, the Republican Party is the side that is working to make the Hispanic community a better place to raise children and prosper. Just as it was the Republican Party who faught to end slavery and oppression of Black people during the Civil War…we are again fighting to re-claim the Hispanic community and free it from the shackles of the Democrat Party.

Search your soul and pray for guidance. When you hear your answer, we are here with open arms.

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