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Tea Party Calls for Ousting of Texas House Speaker, Joe Straus

The Speaker of the House is Joe Straus, when he ran for speaker he had pledged his vote by a commitment card, but then recanted and ran against Tom Craddick. He won, then went on to appoint many liberal democrats to important committee chair positions.Call your State House Member or Member Elect RIGHT NOW!  If you get a busy signal do not stop trying!  Leave a message if you do not get an answer, include your name and zip code in the message and ask them to reconsider their pledge to the speaker.  Ask them to listen to the people and vote according to their district’s wishes, not the speaker’s!
The written word is powerful, and you taking 5 minutes to send them a message is powerful.  They are listening and need to hear from you today!  Tell them we support them and will continue to support them in a decision to vote with their district rather than a commitment card signed before they knew the landscape of the legislature.  We need a conservative speaker, and there is no gauruntee Joe Straus will appoint conservative Committee Chairs, he can’t even do it prior to the Speaker Vote in January.  So, please ask your House Member to listen to the voice of the people and vote for the most conservative Speaker.
Empower Texans has an excellent article about the Speaker race, see article here;

Please act today, or regret it tomorrow.  Silence is Consent! If you are tired, eat an energy bar, grab a cup of coffee or splash some water in your face! Take 3 minutes to contact your State Rep.’s or State Rep.-Elect, to voice you opinion. Without input from you, they can not vote your voice!

Below is our local Rep. and Rep.-Elect. If you don’t know who your Rep. is, go to, enter your zip code and it will tell you!

HD58 Representative Rob Orr
Phone: 817-295-5158
Facebook: Click Here

*Has pledged support for Straus*

HD96 Representative-Elect Bill Zedler
Phone: 817-375-0104

Here is the list of State Rep.’s that have pledged support for Rep. Joe Straus;

Aliseda, Jose

Allen, Alma
Alonzo, Roberto
Alvarado, Carol
Anchia, Rafael
Anderson, Charles “Doc”
Aycock, Jimmie Don
Beck, Marva
Bohac, Dwayne
Bonnen, Dennis
Branch, Dan
Brown, Fred
Burnam, Lon
Button, Angie Chen
Callegari, William “Bill”
Carter, Stefani
Castro, Joaquin
Coleman, Garnet
Cook, Byron
Creighton, Brandon
Crownover, Myra
Darby, Drew
Davis, John
Deshotel, Joe
Driver, Joe
Dukes, Dawnna
Dutton, Harold
Eiland, Craig
Eissler, Rob
Elkins, Gary
Farias, Joe
Farrar, Jessica
Fletcher, Allen
Frullo, John
Geren, Charlie
Giddings, Helen
Gonzales, Veronica
Gonzalez, Naomi
Gooden, Lance
Hancock, Kelly
Hardcastle, Rick
Harless, Patricia
Harper-Brown, Linda
Hartnett, Will
Hernandez, Ana
Hilderbran, Harvey
Hochberg, Scott
Howard, Donna
Huberty, Dan
Hughes, Bryan
Hunter, Todd
Jackson, Jim
Johnson, Eric
Keffer, Jim
King, Susan
King, Tracy
Kleinschmidt, Tim
Kolkhorst, Lois
Kuempel, Edmund
Larson, Lyle
Laubenberg, Jodie
Lavender, George
Legler, Ken
Lewis, Tryon
Lozano, J.M.
Lucio III, Eddie
Lyne, Lanham
Madden, Jerry
Mallory Caraway, Barbara
Margo, Dee
Marquez, Marisa
Martinez, Armando
McClendon, Ruth Jones
Menendez, Jose
Miles, Borris
Miller, Doug
Miller, Sid
Munoz, Sergio, Jr.
Murphy, Jim
Naishtat, Elliott
Oliveira, Rene
Orr, Rob
Otto, John
Parker, Tan
Patrick, Diane
Paxton, Ken
Pena, Aaron
Phillips, Larry
Pickett, Joe
Pitts, Jim
Price, Four
Quintanilla, Chente
Raymond, Richard
Reynolds, Ron
Riddle, Debbie
Ritter, Allan
Rodriguez, Eddie
Schwertner, Charles
Scott, Connie
Sheffield, Ralph
Shelton, Mark
Smith, Todd
Smith, Wayne
Smithee, John
Solomons, Burt
Strama, Mark
Thompson, Senfronia
Torres, Raul
Truitt, Vicki
Veasey, Marc
Walle, Armando
Weber, Randy
Workman, Paul
Zerwas, John

Forward this email to all your fellow Texans! As Texans, we must play an active role in decisions that will impact our lives. Election of Texas Speaker of the House is a very important decision!

Best Always,

Angela Cox

JCTP President


“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” – Thomas Jefferson

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