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Republican Party of Texas Focuses on Hispanic Issues

Anyone can see America is at its tipping point. Lying in the balance are Hispanics, most weighing in on the Democratic side of the scale.

When it comes to the Hispanic issue, in the past, the Republican Party has done like many people do in their private lives…they avoid the issue. It’s not until the power is turned off by the electric company that we decide to pay the bill.

The perceptions held by many Hispanics only exists because the Republican Party has not been willing to do the work…and why is that? It’s because most of the “old Guard” Republicans don’t relate to Hispanics. They thought Hispanics were just liberals who wanted to hide in the shadows and not participate in the political process…but they were wrong. Hispanics do want to participate…they do want their voice heard…

Unfortunately, the Democrats saw the Hispanic community as the perfect place to harvest new votes. We now know their intentions weren’t genuine…rather, they were manipulative. To Democrats, Hispanics were security, a never ending supply of needy people. All they had to do was over-promise and under-deliver…make Hispanics feel they were important and they would just follow along like sheep.

Well, it worked. Now, the Hispanic community is falling apart. Highest Teen pregnancy rates, lowest graduation rates and family structure eroding. Another thing eroding…Christianity.

Because of this, the moral fiber of the community is destroyed. Everything our grandparents taught us no longer applies. If it feels good…do it. Back in the day…we’d be humiliated by our grandparents if we did wrong. Now they’re gone and the advice comes from Liberal politicians who spew lies and misrepresent the truth.

When one wants to conquer a people, the best way to do it is to remove hope and their will to fight. If you ask young Hispanics about politics…their common response is “It’s all “fixed”…all corrupt.” They feel they have no voice…that the nation is run by a handful of people who are all in it for the money…and of course…they associate those people with Republicans.

They have already lost hope.

Enter Steve Munisteri, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. His desire to be more inclusive and open with the Party is like a breath of fresh air. It is the energy needed to advance this daunting task of inclusion.

He has requested and has received funding from Lt. Governor David Dewhurst to provide a dedicated Outreach Director, Justin Hollis. A leader leads, and Munisteri isn’t looking at the past, he’s focused on the future. He knows where the Party’s future lies, and is 110% determined to change the course of history.

Hispanic Organization leaders gathered in Austin,TX to meet with the newly elected Chairman to discuss ideas and get to know him on a personal level. It was the first time in R.P.T. history an event like this took place, and long overdue.

On the table…everything and anything.

New process, new leadership, new players and a new vision…all culminating in one place with a focus on what must happen to keep Texas Red…

Our State Republican Executive Committee members are in this for the long haul, putting in the time and energy to make a difference…investing their personal dollars toward the movement.  People like Janet Jackson, Co-Founder of and SREC Committee woman SD-22 and Jane Burch, SREC from North Texas region are
all doing the work and walking the walk.

We’ve got our work cut-out for us…and as I have stated before…those of us on the Republican/Conservative side will face the brunt of the attacks from the Lib’s. They’ll paint us as traitors and sell-outs…but it’s the price we must be willing to pay if we are to re-gain the trust of the community.

They must believe we are here to stay…not just for this election or the next.

Our movement is dedicated to building Hispanic Republican Clubs…the foundation for long-term development and inclusion within the Party. We are building the network of “Boots on the ground.” People who aren’t interested in climbing the political ladder…rather, we’re in the trenches…where most of the battle must take place.

And it is a battle…make no mistake. The record will show that we were instrumental in the fight to save America!

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