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Flores makes Surprise Visit at Morning Vet Rally

It started slow and turned into a morning operation. Veterans from around Waco showed up to show their support for Bill Flores and their disapproval of Congressman Chet Edwards.

Horns were honking, people shouting support from their cars and waving.

Shane Warner, from the Shane Warner Morning Show (Newstalk 1230 AM) called in at 6:35 and 7:05 to check in on the mini rally. It was a great opportunity to identify the difference between Bill and Chet…hopefully thousands of voters were tuned in…

One thing for certain, we made a little noise this morning!

Thanks to all the Vets who woke up early to make a stand for America! Special thanks to Bert Hernandez, Mike Hoover and of course Bill and Gina Flores, who got home last night from a long day of campaigning and decided to wake up early to be here.

We are fortunate to have people like Bill and Gina Flores representing us.

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