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A Letter to Conservative Hispanics

Someone asked me to sum up what needed to be done to develop the Hispanic conservative base. It’s a question I run across more and more, proving to me, people are genuinely interested in advancing the community.

First, in my opinion, it doesn’t take an army of people in the beginning. A handful of people in each county, committed to WORKing to undo the Liberal agenda at work in most neighborhoods, can be enough to tip the scales at the voting booth.

Yes, we need to develop the “boots on the ground” across the state, but only after the core group of activists are seen working the community, attending Pro-Life events, going to church functions and spreading the word of conservatism.

I was talking to someone the other day…a Christian woman, very upset about the path our country is on. I started to talk about what I do…building the Republican Party through Hispanic conservative inclusion. She said, “Well…I’m not political.” I replied, “ Well…being political simply means you are paying attention to policy that affects your life…and whether you want to believe it or not…you have political views.”

Hispanics are for the most part leery of any group or Party coming into their neighborhoods talking about politics. In most Hispanic families, politics is a dirty word. Republicans are the “bad” guys who want to rob them of what little they have. This is what the children are taught…I know…it was this way when I grew up.

This is how it goes…

You may see people coming into your neighborhoods…talking about how they want to help you. Don’t listen to them. They are liars. They don’t care about you or your family…all they want is your money.

If they cared about you…why are they just now coming around? Where have they been? They don’t know what it’s like in our homes. They don’t know how we live.

It’s the Democrats who have taken care of you. We have been there…helping you get the money you deserve. We have been there…not them. They want to send everyone back to Mexico if they have their way. Don’t let them fool you…we’ll take care of you…vote for a Democrat and you will have people in power who will help you when you need it.

It’s “easier” to just live and stay out of politics…continue voting for people who keep Hispanics repressed. No one wants to hear they’ve been misled. Who wants to talk about the hard work that lies ahead?

I see it like a scale…tipping toward laziness and hopelessness. The truth is Democrats have been misleading the people…making empty promises and raising their taxes to support the massive spending initiatives they produce. Just look at their platform. Do Hispanics cry out and express their discontent?

Of course not. Most don’t even realize what’s happening to them. All they know is they have to work longer hours and second jobs just to keep up. They blame it on Republicans…because that’s what they’ve been taught.

We have our work cut out for us, but to those of you who are assembling…like the many patriotic Hispanics I am beginning to know, it’s just beginning.

We must be willing to take the punishment. Our own people will call us traitors. They will paint us as sell-outs and dis-loyal Hispanics.

But we know the truth…and as they say…the truth shall set us free. Knowledge is power as Dr. Martin Luther King proclaimed. Democrats are fearful we will educate the Hispanic community and diminish their grip…and they should be.

The Republican Party freed the Slaves. The Republican Party believes in family values like Life, God and prayer. The Republican Party believes marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. The Republican Party wants to keep your taxes low, leaving more money in your pocket.

We have God on our side, His wisdom and guidance will pierce the hearts of the people…they will see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is up to us to restore hope and instill pride in America. We conservative Hispanics must remind everyone that America is the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE.

Our ancestors came to America to build a future for their family. They fled oppressive governments and unrestricted, corrupt police. Now, after 50-60 years, many Hispanics have forgotten who they are and why they’re here. It was FREEDOM that led them here. The ability to build a business without limits. To succeed in life and prosper…as our great-grandparents dreamed for us.

It’s our duty to reach into the Hispanic community and share our knowledge, advance our children and build a brighter future. That’s the way I see it…how about you?

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